UCT campaign timeline


1 October: The UCT Collective hosts a lunchtime forum to discuss fossil fuel divestment attended by around 30 people.

30 September: Second letter to UCT administration – requesting information about UCT’s investments and proposing expert engagement on the subject of divestment – is sent to Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price. Lunchtime screening of the 350.org documentary, Do the Math, is attended by 20 people.

23 September: UCT Chancellor Graça Machel, speaking in a closing speech at the UN Climate Summit in New York, says: “You must have the courage to tell business that it is not only about the profits but about our collective survival and wellbeing.”

30 July: UCT campaign launch is attended by over 100 people.

18 July: Archbishop Desmond Tutu endorses our campaign for divestment at UCT.

29 April: An oped calling for divestment is published in the student newspaper VARSITY.

10 April: Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu calls for a worldwide boycott of fossil fuel companies.

7 March: Fossil Free UCT meets with UCT finance director Enrico Uliana and financial accounting director Peter Grant.


5 November: Nine UCT faculty, staff, students and alumni write to UCT asking for information on its current fossil fuel investments, and suggesting divestment.


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